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Parallel Pulsing
The Most Advance PEMF Technology

We have introduced a new and exciting way to administer PEMF Therapy….by implementing Lower Powered Micro-Pulsed PEMF and High Powered PEMF into the same device and having them pulse simultaneously together! This Dynamic Duo helps the body tremendously…..The High Powered PEMF decreases pain and inflammation, giving immediate, and noticeable results. Whereas, the Lower Powered micro-pulsing PEMF helps to achieve long term healing benefits. Therefore our Parallel Pulsing System help our body to most effectively boost its cellular metabolism, oxygenation, and regeneration processes giving you the accelerated healing you need to get back to optimal health.

Creating A Hemholtz Field

A Helmholtz coil is a parallel pair of identical circular coils spaced one radius apart and wound so that the current flows through both coils in the same direction. This winding results in a uniform magnetic field between the coils with the primary component parallel to the axes of the two coils. An electron beam travels counterclockwise in a circle in the magnetic field produced by the Helmholtz coils, as shown. Assuming that the earth’s field in downward, one can conclude that the Helmholtz field equals the earth’s field.

Herman Von Helmholtz

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