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NASA has invested $3.5 Million into four years of magnetic therapy studies

You know the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as the American agency responsible for putting a man on the moon, conducting 135 Space Shuttle missions between 1981 and 2011, and generally advancing aeronautics and aerospace research. What you may find surprising is that NASA has also concluded a number of studies on magnetic therapy, which is officially known as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). In fact, NASA poured $3.5 million into four years worth of magnetic therapy studies and as a result, developed its own PEMF devices. The studies had a few aims. First, NASA used human volunteers “to define the most effective electromagnetic fields for enhancing growth and repair in mammalian tissues”. Secondly, it wanted to utilize “nerve tissue that has been refractory to stimulate growth or enhance its repair regardless of the energy used”. And thirdly, the agency wanted to define a PEMF technology that would “duplicate mature, three dimensional morphology between neuronal cells and feeder (glial) cells, which has not been previously accomplished”.

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