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Michael Davis, is the founder of PEMF Systems established in the year 2000. PEMF Systems takes pride in being the pioneer manufacturer of post-magnetic therapy equipment in the United States. What sets PEMF System apart is their unwavering commitment to safety – something that many of our fellow American manufacturers have yet to prioritize, as none of them, except us, have submitted their machines for safety testing.

All of the products at PEMF Systems undergo rigorous safety testing, ensuring your well-being. Within the realm of post-magnetic therapy devices, there are two distinct classes: one with very low-power fields that are imperceptible to your senses and another with higher-power fields that you can clearly feel.

Dual-Class Devices for Diverse Needs

There are 2 different classes of devices low-power and high-power therapy units in one product. This unique approach distinguishes us globally, as no other product concurrently offers these two therapies. The lower-power unit excels in promoting cellular regeneration, while the high-power unit stands out in pain reduction, inflammation alleviation, and enhancing range of motion.

It’s essential to note that the efficacy of magnetic therapy isn’t solely determined by the strength of the magnetic field it generates. Going beyond a certain threshold of energy doesn’t necessarily yield better results. This is evident in the vast majority of the 2,800 clinical trials conducted, where the focus was on very low-power machines that couldn’t be felt, yet still yielded positive medical outcomes.


Universal Benefits for Humans and Animals

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy finds applications in both human and animal healthcare because it enhances cellular health – a commonality shared by both species. Importantly, animals aren’t influenced by the placebo effect; their response to this therapy is solely based on its effectiveness.

PEMF therapy’s potential is exemplified by its use in seed germination experiments – treated seeds consistently outperform their untreated counterparts, underlining its cell-enhancing properties.


The Threefold Revolution

With PEMF Systems next-generation products, already entering the market, incorporate three simultaneous therapies: high-power pulse magnetic therapy, low-power pulse magnetic therapy, and non-thermal diathermy, a radiofrequency treatment. These combined therapies are poised to revolutionize cellular regeneration and overall health.

Non-thermal diathermy introduces a different mechanism in the body, and these treatments are complementary. The synergy between the three therapies surpasses the benefits of any single or dual approach.

More Than Pain Reduction

While many perceive our products as pain reduction devices, their primary function is to alleviate inflammation and improve range of motion. Pulse magnetic therapy is not just about addressing ailments; it’s about maintaining general cellular health.

Just as you don’t wait for a cavity to form before brushing your teeth, you shouldn’t wait for distress to seek pulse magnetic therapy. It not only aids recovery when you’re ailing but also promotes overall well-being when you’re not in distress.

Remember, the machine doesn’t heal you – you heal yourself. It simply assists your cells in functioning optimally by improving their oxygenation and facilitating their normal activities. Your health and well-being are in your hands, and our technology is here to support your journey to a healthier you.

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