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GP2 Digital Unit PEMF Machine

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Accessories Included:

12″ Loop
9″ Double Loop

best PEMF devices for Sale
best PEMF devices for Sale

Introducing the GP2 Mini Tote, the best FDA certified PEMF device for sale. This Solid State Digital PEMF machine boasts touch button controls, allowing for easy intensity adjustment from 1 to 5. With straightforward settings, it offers timer options of 5 or 10 minutes. Operating with a Parallel Pulsing System, it combines a Low Powered micro-pulse with a High Powered Pulse simultaneously. Lightweight and portable, it’s perfect for both moving around and travel. It’s compatible with both 110v USA and 220v international power requirements, weighing approximately 5-7 lbs. Safety tested and ready for use, this PEMF machine ensures optimal performance and peace of mind. Ideal for chiropractors, athletes, horses, and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being and more, it’s your ultimate solution for PEMF therapy.

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