PMF-300 Digital Units

PMF 300 PRO X2 Desktop


Width: 16.75″
Depth: 15″
Height: 5″
Weight: 27 lbs
Voltages: 110/120V • 220/240V
Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
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PMF 300 PRO X2-1
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Accessories Included:

  • 18 x 23 ‘ MATTE
  • 12′ LOOP
  • 7′ PADDLE

The PMF-300 PRO is a Solid State Digital unit. It is the strongest of all the Solid State units on the market today! It is ready for 110v USA or 220v International power requirements. It incorporates a Parallel Pulsing System, meaning it utilizes a Low Powered 10 micropulses per second (the same as the earth’s frequency) as well as a High Powered PEMF pulsing at the same time! Our dual port models have 2 sides for plugging in 2 attachments. You can treat 2 body parts at the same time OR 2 patients without losing any of the power. Plug in left and plug in right. This allows you to use 1 attachment at a time or 2 attachments at one time. Easy control, up and down arrow for intensity levels 1-10 on either side and a timer level of 5 minutes OR 10 minutes. Hit the Synchronize button to utilize both ports with opposing coils and create a Helmholtz Field. It is ready for 110v USA or 220v International power requirements. Safety tested and ready for use.Safety tested and ready for use.

Money Back Guarantee* and a 3 year warranty.

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