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High or Low intensity PEMF will pass completely through the body. Human biology evolved in the magnetic fields of the earth and is affected by and responds to a vast range of magnetic field intensities. The difference is the amount of the charge in the magnetic field will stimulate your tissues as it is passing through the body. This fast magnetic charge will excite the damaged cells in the body to open up and flush out the detoxification with in the cell. Only high voltage machines can do this.

Essentially, higher PEMF voltage is more effective when low voltage isn’t enough. High voltage PEMF also produces a sensation that patients can actually feel which helps reassure them the device is working.

Yes. The FDA states that you must be trained by the manufacture to use the machines properly. GetPulsed offers FREE training and all advanced training to its clients. If you come across a problem or have a question just email us or give us a call. We have a doctor on staff ready to answer any questions you have.

The question about gauss or Tesla is different with all PEMF companies. Why? Because there is virtually no way to prove if you’re being told the truth. You see, the pulse is on so brief and moves so fast even some of the most expensive gauss meters cannot pick up and record the peak power of the magnetic field. We have found great exaggeration in the written claims of other manufacturers. They feel that if they tell you that their machines have a high number of gauss or tesla that you will think that their machines are better. The truth of the matter is that the body only needs 90 mV (millivolt) to open up the call wall. The key factor in opening the cell wall is the speed of the pulse entering the body. The faster the pulse and the more pulses the better because it can reach more damaged cells through the electro magnetic field of the body in a shorter period of time and go deeper into the body to reach more. So more gauss or telsa is very misleading at best, and definitely not true. Gauss or telsa is one factor of the system’s power.

PEMF can have a wide range of biologic effects. An individual’s diet, lifestyle, your level of activity, hydration, general health, stress levels and the quality of your nutrition all contribute to how it will work and how you feel after your sessions. PEMF Exercise can help you feel energized, relieve pain, relaxed feeling and this feeling can build for a few hours after a session.

If you feel tired after a session, this may be due to a detox reaction. Your body wants to clean house and is getting rid of toxins. Resting and drinking plenty of fluids may support this detox reaction.

Everyone in the modern world is subject to environmental stresses that can challenge optimal wellness. Today, our bodies rarely make direct contact with the earth which puts us closer to the inherent electromagnetic fields of energy from the earth. The charged atmosphere above us is a standing wave of energy that is stimulate thousands of times a second by lightning and an environment that humans evolved in. Today these natural energies are no longer experienced by people in their pure form. PEMF is an outside energy source that recharges stressed, underpowered cells like the batteries they essentially are so they can meet the energy demands for optimal cell function.

Human, Equine, Dogs and Cats can use Cellular Healing. Users vary from Professional Athletes, Athletic Trainers, “Weekend Warriors”, Medical and rehabilitation facilities, Medical Practitioners, Home users and Veterinarians.

NO! This technology was around before our Great Grandparents! The evolution of PEMF, and “Energy Wellness” is based on Physicist Michael Faraday’s principle of Magnetic Induction. This was Studied by Jaques-Arsène d’Arsonval, understood and harnessed by Nikola Tesla, and then proven by Georges Lakhovsky, Antione Priore and Giovanni Dotto, the PEMF technology is responsible for the advent and use of many other technologies in the Health and Wellness field today. From Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation, to Laser or Sound Therapy, these great Scientists still have a large impact in today’s world.

With over 30 plus years of combined experience, the team at Get Pulsed are truly considered experts in this technological field. Our unique loop applicators, special pulse discharge rate, PEMF expertise, consistent customer/technical support as well as unparalleled results are just a few of the reasons. Our Pulsed Cellular Energy is different from the other devices on the market.

GP Wellness Pod FAQ’s

About 65% of the human body is made up of water. During an infrared session, the body’s core temperature is raised, which stimulates sweat production and allows the body to release toxins, fats through the sweat glands. Hydration is incredibly important because we need water not only to survive but also to produce sweat. Getting your glisten on while sweating at the gym or on a run is also important, but the key to a successful infrared session is, well, the infrared. By penetrating approximately 1.5 inches into the body, infrared can promote the release of toxins, fats, and cholesterol that is not replaced when you rehydrate. During an infrared session the body can release up to 20% fats and toxins, this is in comparison to about 3-5% released during traditional exercise.

If the body is dehydrated, it’s possible that sweat will not be produced. And yes, the process of sweating is removing water from the body but an infrared system will not dehydrate you any more than an intense workout because let’s face it, any sweat-inducing activity will require H20 to replenish the body! Consuming water before, during and after each session is necessary. It is recommended to drink more water than you might normally drink to see optimal results. If a session is executed correctly the client will have consumed more water than usual and this will allow them to sweat without feeling parched. Keep in mind; it’s important to continue hydrating after each session as the body continues to flush metabolized fats and toxins.

Body treatments should be safe, effective and enjoyable. Infrared heat itself is safe; so safe that it is used in the NICU for premature babies. We cannot speak for each infrared body system out there when it comes to safety features, but this is why it’s important to do your research! The materials, sensors, and temperatures generated by the Patented Sculpt Pod System has been vigorously tested to ensure safe use.

Infrared can assist with many wellness benefits, and it is true that it may take multiple sessions to see desired weight loss results. However, benefits such as pain relief and detoxification can be noticed after one session. It’s important to note that everybody is different, although some may share similar results, each infrared session is a truly unique experience. We are all unique! Additionally, the condition of our bodies varies day, by day and more sweat mayIf a user is in poor health, they should speak with their doctor before using the GP Wellness POD and any questions should be directed to a medical professional.

Sweating it out it is a necessary bodily function. The production of sweat is known for detoxifying, protecting the body from overheating, strengthening the immune system by opening up the pores to purge the body of toxins that can cause pimples, eczema, and rashes. According to the Center for Disease Control, the cause of more than 80% of all illnesses can be found in a person’s environment or lifestyle. Blocked sweat glands can be a medical concern, and some doctors believe it may be caused by hormones or the immune system. Detoxifying through sweat can improve toxicity levels and may be just what the doctor ordered.

If a user is in poor health, they should speak with their doctor before using and any questions should be directed to a medical professional.

The POD has a weight limit of 350 lbs. Women who are pregnant and members who have cardio health problems are sensitive to heat (i.e., conditions such as erythema ab igne, etc.) or dehydrated should not use the POD until they consult with their medical doctor.

All users should be hydrated and drink plenty of water before and after use.

If you have any of the following conditions until you consult with your medical doctor:

  • Pregnant
  • Diabetes
  • Insensitive to Heat
  • Active Cancer
  • In Poor Health
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Implants
  • Intoxicated
  • High Blood Pressure

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